The MTG-Jamendo dataset for music auto-tagging

Top 20 tags per category (genre, instrument, mood/theme) in the MTG-Jamendo dataset

For all researchers working on music auto-tagging and related tasks, we present a new dataset!

MTG-Jamendo contains over 55,000 full audio tracks labeled by 195 tags:

All audio is taken from Jamendo and is publicly available under Creative Commons licenses. The audio files are full songs encoded in high quality as 320 kbps MP3s. All tags were originally provided by artists and curated by the Jamendo to ensure basic quality assurance.

All tags are categorized into three subsets including genres, instruments and mood/theme tags. In addition, we provide a top-50 tags data subset. This makes it possible to work on the generic music auto-tagging, similar to other existing tag datasets, as well as specific subtasks such as genre recognition, instrument detection, or mood/theme recognition.

Top 20 tags per category (genre, instrument, mood/theme) in the MTG-Jamendo dataset

We provide a VGG-ish baseline solution to all these tasks.

The dataset has been presented at the Machine Learning for Music Discovery Workshop at ICML 2019 (read our paper).

We hope that this dataset will be a valuable addition to auto-tagging research, complementing other datasets in the MIR community.

We have already put this data to use in the MediaEval Emotion and Theme in Music Task challenge this year, which we will continue to organize next year.

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